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Jc Fans

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Icons! [14 Oct 2007|01:07am]

3 Smallville
6 Friends
1 Topher
1 Chris Pine
1 Chris Evans
1 Matthew M.
1 JC Chasez
1 George Eads
1 Marc Blucas

The single icons have lyrics from "Let's Hear it for the Boy" on them. tee hee. And I have to say I am loving the "Friends" Icons I made. I can't wait to use them.

Enjoy!! Follow the cut!

I am a dreamer, take me higher...Collapse )
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Mixed bag [27 Jun 2007|10:07pm]

[ mood | listless ]

- Comment & Credit.
- Do Not Hotlink.
- Textless icons are not bases. Please don't edit anything


4x Dancers
58x Jessica Stam
7x Music (Enrique Iglesias, Hilary Duff, Kelis, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna, & Shakira)
13x NSync
5x Reese Witherspoon
3x Scarlett Johansson
8x Scenery/Nature (Italy, LA, Japan)
3x Stargate: SG1 (RDA)
42x Stargate Atlantis
3x Textual
13x The OC

( X )

Check out the rest of my icons at Meticulous Chaos.

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Fiction! [05 Jun 2007|01:39am]

hello all...i come bearing jc chasez fiction. 

schizobritney <---- right here.

all stories are het. original character. i will get around to writing slash. read and review! love ya's.
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Mixed Bag [03 Jun 2007|05:06pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

- Comment & Credit.
- Do Not Hotlink.
- Textless icons are not bases. Please don't edit anything


4x Ashlee Simpson
14x David Boreanaz
25x Jennifer Aniston
15x Misc (Uma Thurman, The Sentinel, Scenery, Marilyn Monroe, NCIS, George Eads, Cate Blanchett, 30 Seconds To Mars)
21x *NSync
5x Reese Witherspoon
21x Stargate Atlantis
4x Stargate: SG1

( X )

Check out the rest of my icons at Meticulous Chaos.

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Jonatha Brooke song [02 Dec 2006|07:45pm]

Hey everyone! I have the Jonatha Brooke song "Careful What You Wish For," which JC co-wrote and sings back-up vocals on. I'm really loving it!

Jonatha Brooke ft. JC Chasez - Careful What You Wish For (mp3)
MegaUpload: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=F1YNBI58
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[21 Nov 2006|09:12am]

Hey anybody here has JC's performance of Mysterious Ways (U2) during his MMC days? Please upload it for me anywhere except rapidshare and up-file.com Thank you :D

Here's Somnambulist by BT (JC made a cameo in here)(Ipod Video Format/MP4)
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[13 Nov 2006|06:23pm]

001 - 005; Supernatural
006 - 010; Hillary Duff
011 - 017; Lance Bass
018 - 020; JC Chasez


Got a Icon ?
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JC Rocks! [06 Nov 2006|01:50am]

Hi everyone! If you're a member of facebook (or, if you're not, now that it's no longer excluded to just college students, you can create an account!), join the group "JC Chasez >>> Justin Timberlake". (Not meant to offend JT fans; it's all in good fun :) Our boy really deserves more recognition.

I really can't wait until JC's new album! The anticipation is killing me!
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JC Chasez & OK Go!; [04 Sep 2006|12:11pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I was looking on Youtube for a song and I found this. Not sure if many of you have seen this, but it's very amusing.

OK Go! get VMA advice from JC Chasez in the crapper:

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[08 Aug 2006|10:52am]

{10} JC avatars:


Happy Birthday JC!

[22 Jan 2006|10:36pm]

Multi-fandom post behind the fake cut. =]

5 Adamo Ruggiero [Degrassi]
12 Alexz Johnson/Instant Star
13 JC Chasez

( Click the "cut" )
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A few wallpapers... [19 Dec 2005|03:12pm]

[ mood | lethargic ]

I made some JC wallpaper and I thought I'd share. Take, use, have, whatever. Just don't use one as a backdrop for your skinhead rally poster or anything like that. Enjoy!!

And the rest...Collapse )

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[18 Nov 2005|10:17pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
+A rating community as well as a community for celebrities!
+Cool Mod
+Scavenger Hunts, Themes, Contests, and Polls!
+Fair voting system
+10 AUTO ACCEPTS!!!! Just read Info page!
(You can delete but don't spam because its not in your rules!!!)
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[26 Oct 2005|12:08am]


Join me and my friends new community!
..come on you know you wana :D
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[19 May 2005|11:29pm]
Does anyone have and MP3 of Slept With My Best Friend?
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delete if you want .. [25 Feb 2005|11:49pm]

join lindsay_fans and hilary_fans

[29 Jan 2005|05:21pm]

Do you enjoy "fan fiction"? Looking for something to do online after you've read all your favorite stories? Love acting? Looking for something to kill the boredom? LOVE BRITNEY SPEARS? NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, or 98 Degrees? How about joining an online role play game? It's journal and AIM based and it's members are all really friendly and welcoming.

WANTED: Jamie Lynne Spears, Bryan Spears, Felicia Culotta.
Bobbie Thomas, Carlos (JC's manager), Karen and Roy Chasez, Dallas Austin (friend to JC and Christina Aguilera), BT (producer and friend to JC), Rob Boltd (paris hitlon's producer & friend to JC), Molly & Chantal (JC's dancers). Jonathan Timberlake, Randy Timberlake, Eddie Morales (dancer and friend to Justin Timberlake), All of Chris Kirkpatrick's sisters (Taylor, Molly, Emily, Kate), Ex-FuCrew Members (Erin, Sabrina, Ryan, Dave... etc.), Wendy Thorkalson (Lance's friend), Diane Bass, Kelly Baldwin-Fatone, Marty Kudelka, Korina Longin (gone video), Ron Irizarry, Marque "Tate" Lynche (mmc & american idol 3).
Amanda Latona, Veronica Finn, Danay Ferrer of Innosense.
Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell, Leighanne Littrell, Howie Dorough.
JoJo, Fergie, Will.i.am and Tabu of Black Eyed Peas, Nelly, Seann William Scott, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Laura Carraba, Freddy Hernandez, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child, Renne Sandstrom from Wild Orchid, Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne, Beverly Eustice, Little Red Monster members, Chris Jones (You Got Served), Drew Lachey, Jeff and Justin from 98 Degrees.
From the Lord of the Rings fandom: Liv Tyler, Dave Wenham, Karl Urban, Craig Parker, Hugo Weaving.
From the "Charmed-verse" Holly Marie Combs, Shannen Doherty, Dorian Gregory, Drew Fuller, Brian Krause, plus from the "Buffy-verse" Charisma Carpenter, Seth Green, Alyson Hannigan, David Boreanaz, Anthony Stewart Head, James Marsters, Amber Benson, Marc Blucas, Michelle Trachtenberg, J. August Richards, Amy Acker, Andy Hallet, Mercedes McNab.
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Cast: Carson, Kyan. Queer as folk Cast: Scott Lowel, Peter Paige.
... not to mention who-ever you can think up on your own.

If you're interested in playing, email after_celebrity_rpg@yahoo.com. Also, I can answer any questions you might have and explain how the game works.
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[15 Nov 2004|12:15pm]



nsync_reunion <---join!
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hey I know JC daily but it has to do with him.... [22 Aug 2004|08:00pm]

Ok so i read this and my heart broke for all of them even Justin because he has no idea what he's leaving behind....*tear*

It was just last month that the five members of *NSYNC -- Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone -- sang the national anthem at a charity event in Miami. There was even talk that the guys would gather in the studio soon to begin work on their long-awaited new album, PEOPLE reports in its latest issue.

Sources say Timberlake,is "not in the mood" for a full-scale *NSYNC reunion.

That was then. "The meeting in Miami was to set a target date (to start recording)," says a source close to the group, "and then (Justin) drops the bomb on them."

The bomb: According to the insider, Timberlake told his bandmates that he wasn't interested in being a part of the next *NSYNC album.

"Justin said he's not in the mood and doesn't think it will work," says the source. "He doesn't want any part of it."

Meanwhile, according to one source, Timberlake has already started writing for a future album, a follow-up to his solo debut, "Justified," which sold an impressive 3 million copies.

And the future of *NSYNC? "(The others) are undecided right now," says the source. "They aren't really talking to (Justin). They haven't taken it so well." Another insider says the boys feel that Justin "strung them along until he was sure his solo career would work."

A rep for Timberlake says the singer will not comment on reports from unnamed sources. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Jive, *NSYNC's label, simply says, "There's no album scheduled for this year from either *NSYNC, Justin Timberlake or JC Chasez. The group is still together."


I hope that this is just a rumor because it would be so nice to know that they still have it...plus 5 great friends shouldn't split like that...
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*waving to members* [12 Aug 2004|09:04am]

Well hello my name is Kandi and I stumbled across this community and hope to have an active part in it. I too have huge respect for JC and was quite pleased with his new album. It was different, brave, and intelligent all the same. I wish him the best of luck during is solo career but like many other fans I will be even more excited to see Nsync getting back toegher for another album. I bet that it will be something quite spectacular seeing how they all have done their own things for awhile and all will have different knowledge to contribute to the project. :)
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